Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Friday

Yesterday, I had my first cook off at the office. The theme was 'Pumpkin' and days before the presentation day, everybody was busy googling for the best recipe online. I didn't bother because I had my sights on a Filipino dish called ' Ginataang Kalabasa'. Just the name of the dish brings back memories of childhood in Ratatouille fashion (the scene where the food critic took the first bite of the ratatouille and he somehow time travelled to his childhood, that's how I felt, sansthe tears).

I cooked the dish the night before without the beans. I decided to separate it so that I will have something green when I plate it (I've always wanted to use that term...plate it). The original recipe calls for string beans but the quality of the ones available in Auckland is just not right for the look I want to achieve so I went with ordinary green beans :)

When it was time to 'plate it'. I simply nuked the green beans et voila I have this!

Unfortunately for me, the entire team went all out on their entries. Everybody just delivered.

In the end, this one from Kelly won. It was a pumpkin bread with a butternut honey topping and a mint leaf. Yum!

I got the second place, snaps snaps! Not bad for a first time.

Overall, the entire afternoon was great and SOOOO orange!

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