Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Today is exactly 7 weeks ‘til my last day of work.  Today is also 10 weeks away from my expected due date for baby #2.  There are a lot of things going on at work.  This week, albeit short due to the Labor Day weekend celebration last weekend, is somehow stretching to be a month.  How can everything go wrong during the first 3 hours of a daily production?  2 production line, 4 sauces – all problematic.  But just as what the trainer in last week’s training said: Murphy’s Law – If something will go wrong, it will.  And so be it.

Yesterday’s production was terrible.  I knew the moment I answered a call on my company mobile phone at 7:25 am.  It went for the worse midday when every single problem that can be encountered in a production was in our cards.  What the hell?  It was good that I was working with a supervisor who was calm, collected and had sufficient product knowledge.  He even managed to sing a Christmas carol while instructing his staff what to do next. He was having a bad day: his pregnant wife being 11 days overdue and with paperwork pending in his desk. I was too: Being 7 months pregnant, hungry all the time and having heartburn every two hours.  In the end, all went well. 

I’m not sure if I should be in this job at this time of my pregnancy.  I have been so stressed lately.  I’ve been trying my best to leave the factory as soon as I’ve clocked in 8.5 hours to try to be home to my 4-year-old –who’s also exhausted from daycare and from waking up early in the morning.  I’m trying my darn hardest to spend more time with him before baby#2 arrives.  I’m trying to look at my options.  One option I cannot take, however, is to not work.  Moving to 3 countries in 5 years has definitely taken a toll on our finances.  It’s expensive moving around – not only with your luggage-full of clothes but also with boxes of personal effects.  Factor in the furniture and whiteware you buy and sell in every country you live in.  Whew.  It’s been exhausting – physically and emotionally.  But it has been one  hell of a ride.

Expat living has ended for our family.  Here’s to being a full time migrant!


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