Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Daddy's birthday is on a Saturday.  We went to the pool for a swim then to the nearby Otara market for some pork barbeque.  It was late, like after 12 pm so the stalls were one by one closing down.  We decided to go to Why Knot? for some ice cream and ended up buying more...more ice cream, that is.  On the way to a nearby furniture shop, the delivery guys called to tell us they have our couch in our doorstep. Ha! 'twas a good thing we were five minutes away. 

Here are photos of the birthday boy opening his "present"...and enjoying it.  Yahoo! We have a couch!

And here's a stash of ice cream for everybody in the house! The Rum and Cola ice cream is for the birthday boy.  The box says "Smoother that a lounge singer on an ocean cruise to bora bora". haha  Only Kiwis can make packaging labels like that!

We're counting down hours now...

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