Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Warriors

We've finally settled into our new home...slowly but surely. The only fully furnished part of the house is the kitchen.  We have everything we need from pots and pans to our little kitchen gadgets shipped all the way from Singapore. 

We bought a fridge a week before we moved in.  It's a Fisher & Paykel that has a huge freezer.  Our fridge magnets have now been resurrected from storage. 

This weekend, we splurged on a washing machine.  Why buy a fancy one, you ask. Reason #1: We have a toddler.  Reason #2: It's energy and water saving...this one at least.  Reason #3: It fits our laundry area like a glove.  Check that out! Yeeha!

 Et Voila! Our kitchen extraordinaire!  And oh, it comes with a dishwasher, too! We agreed to use it every once in a while to save on water costs.  Like last night when we didn't do the dishes the whole day. hee hee

And because it's the weekend, we set out to discover more of our 'hood.  This weekend it was Why Knot?.  Why not?  After all they sell cheap premium ice cream.  We got this pint of Movenpick for NZ$ 1.99 (Php 65.00)  Here's more...They not only sell cheap ice cream! They sell all kinds of foodstuff! These foodstuff are not expired, rather, near expiry. Some with damaged packaging but otherwise edible and safe for consumption.  Take it from me, I'm a food technologist. Haha!

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